Book Review Episode: Who Are China's Walking Dead, With Kay Rubacek

September 25, 2023

Join Karen and Brandon for a conversation with Kay Rubacek about her new book, the church in America, and much more. Kay is a celebrated author, award-winning filmmaker, and distinguished journalist for NTD/Epoch Times-News. She is a third-generation fighter of communism. Her family fled communism in Russia back in the 1920s, and her husband and her fled Australia because of socialism over ten years ago. Now she is committed to fighting for the truth and repelling all of the components of Communism and Socialism in America. To Kay Rubacek, America is the last best hope for the world. She is a committed Christian, with her husband and children living in upstate New York. Her new book, “Who Are China’s Walking Dead?” is a firsthand account of all of the oppression, violence and propaganda in China from real victims and their stories. 

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Website: https://kayrubacek.com/ ;

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HappyWarriorKay ;