Covenant Eyes Podcast for Ministry Leaders with Travis Whatley, Church Mints Accountability

June 10, 2022

Travis Whatley:  Church Mint Accountability

 BIO - Travis Whatley, Founder CMA

Travis Whatley is the Founder of Church Mints Accountability, a company focused on helping churches foster accountability in their church small groups. As a former Youth Pastor and Porn Addict, He understands the need for conversations and resources that are focused on accountability in the church. He’s spoken at leadership conferences, youth conferences and held accountability workshops. He’s also the author of The Normalize Awkward Journal, A 180 Day journal journey designed to help you discover truth, find hope and take action in your life. His company Church Mints Accountability has developed a year-long curriculum for church leaders to foster accountability in their small groups, with an emphasis on Normalizing Awkward.

Travis’ life has been radically changed by Jesus and his amazing wife, Ashley. They have been married for six years and have two daughters, Grace and Hazel. He lives in Charleston, SC USA.


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