Pastor and Ministry Leader Educational Roundtable with David Eaton, AXIS

May 20, 2021

Axis was born the year the smartphone was born. 

When it comes to the next generation so much has changed in the last decade, actually ... even in the last month. Do you know what the eggplant emoji really means? Do you like Skywalker? Have you ever Netflixed and chilled? Does your daughter know Ana and Mia? Have you hired a Fortnite coach for your kid so he (or she!) can get a piece of the $30M prize? Have you ever wondered why the next generation is NOT eager to get their driver’s licenses on their 16th birthday … and often waits until they are 18 or 19 years old? Have you had a conversation about LGBTQQIP2SAA with a teenager?

Ok, we just tried to overwhelm you a little.

The rising generation is awesome. But as with every emerging generation, the rules of the game have changed. Same hormones, same peer pressure, same annoying standardized tests at school … but now there is Snapchat, and smartphones, and spectrums for gender, and eSports, and a spike in teen anxiety, and … whatever that new app is …

The good news is that parents (and grandparents) have what it takes to reach their kids (and grandkids), and Axis exists to make parents’ lives easier by making their conversations with their teens more frequent and deeper.

The magic of Axis is Culture Translation: we interpret student trends for parents as well as translate timeless theology, philosophy, and essential questions of life for their teens.