The Covenant Eyes Podcast with Kristen Clark, Girl Defined



We are sisters from the southern state of Texas, just enjoying life and spreading the truth. Everything truly is bigger in Texas, with eight out of our ten family members being over six feet tall. We love competitive sports, especially basketball, and are always up for adventures in the great outdoors.


After high school, we both dabbled in the modeling industry but soon discovered that our Christian values and morals wouldn’t jive long-term in that environment. After putting our modeling dreams to rest, we both felt God stirring within us a passion for something more. We dove into God’s word to study what He had to say about our design as women. The more we learned, the more we felt compelled to share it.


And that’s when God opened the doors to launch Girl Defined Ministries.


Since launching Girl Defined Ministries in 2014, our goal has always been the same – to help modern girls understand and live out God’s timeless truth for womanhood. In a day and age when girls and women receive so many conflicting messages about their value, purpose, and identity, they desperately need to know that the only one who can define them is the One who created them.


Through our blogs, videos, conferences, and online webinars, we are building an online “sisterhood” where girls and women can find the encouragement and answers they’re searching for.

 We don’t have all the answers, and we most definitely have not arrived at that perfect place. But we know some truth – and it’s radically changed our lives. Our hope is that Girl Defined Ministries will challenge, encourage, and open your eyes to God’s incredible design for womanhood.


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