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Frank Rich Podcast Interview

Pornography is affecting close to 70% of Christian men and according to new Barna Research, 34% of practicing Christians are struggling with anxiety and depression. 33% are struggling with loneliness. Studies have been correlations on people who struggle with pornography and depression, loneliness. Knowing these facts, it is important the Church find ways to meet people where they are to help them overcome. In today's episode, we are going to talk about how we can support our Christian men in addressing the elephant in the room. Join our in-house experts at Covenant Eyes, Karen Potter, Director of Church Outreach, and Sam Black, Director of Recovery Programs for an exciting show.

Key questions we will discuss in this episode:

After deciding to quit porn for good, what are the only 2 reasons someone would relapse?
What role does our nutrition & the foods we eat play in our porn addiction recovery?
How can someone develop the self-confidence to live a life free of pornography?