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#TonicMasculinity vs. #ToxicMasculinity with guest Bill Donaghy

“#TonicMasculinity vs. #ToxicMasculinity” Episode 224, Special Guest Bill Donaghy, Theology of the Body Institute

Over the past few decades, a dagger was launched into the hearts of men with the phrase #ToxicMasculinity, the idea that masculinity is toxic to our culture. In this episode, we're joined by Bill Donaghy of the Theology of the Body Institute to talk about how authentic masculinity is actually good for our culture and to propose the solution of #TonicMasculinity.

Key topics covered in this episode:

The corruption of masculinity is the problem, not masculinity itself
Why we see a crisis in fatherhood today
Authentic masculinity leads to authentic femininity
Practical steps for living out #TonicMasculinity
More Information:

Guest Bio:

Bill Donaghy is a senior lecturer and content specialist for the Theology of the Body Institute, a Certification Program instructor, and an international speaker. He's worked in mission, evangelization, and education for over 20 years, with a background in visual arts, philosophy, and systematic theology.

He teaches as an adjunct professor for Immaculata University as well as Homeschool Connections, teaching Catholic homeschoolers with live, interactive courses for primarily middle and high school age students. Bill is also the co-author with Chris Stefanick of the RISE: 30 Day Challenge for Men program at and editor of the STRIVE initiative with Matt Fradd, a current Covenant Eyes resource (

He and his wife, Rebecca, live just outside of Philadelphia, PA, with their four children.

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