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10 Ways Pornography is Destroying Your Life, With Pastor Allen Parr

Join Karen and Brandon as they interview Pastor Allen Parr about the 10 ways pornography is destroying your life.

In this episode we will discuss:
1. Erectile Dysfunction, low sex drive, and trouble reaching orgasm
2. Lower desire for your spouse, greater likelihood of divorce, and find partners less sexually attractive
3. Destroy our spiritual life
4. Porn lowers self-esteem
5. Lowers spouse's self esteem
6. Can make you a bad lover
7. Contributes to sex-trafficking industry
8. Reduces the value of women, viewers become calloused to movements of sex-trafficking industry
9. Wastes a lot of time
10. Negatively affects the brain

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Allen G. Parr Jr. is a licensed and ordained minister, has been teaching the Bible for 25 years, and is a graduate from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Master of Theology degree. He is the founder of The BEAT, an online Bible teaching ministry that reaches thousands of weekly viewers worldwide. 

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